Tenet ★★★★

Tenet, even the name gets me! After not going to the cinema for MONTHS I thought I'd give in to this Nolan film and it definitely did not disappoint!

Though it may not be Nolan's strongest film, it is still one that was incredibly well thought out and still got me so excitable whilst watching it which is a big win in my eyes. The concept, of course centred around time, definitely threw you in the deep end, waiting to see if you would drown or float. I'd have to say the score in a few places (along with some of the scenes) felt messy and hard to follow but I really don't think that mattered as much in the grand scheme of the narrative. It still had an incredible cast with each character not being wasted and more twists than you can possibly count.

Overall, I'm just impressed and already planning to watch this film again because IT NEEDS TO BE SEEN AGAIN!

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