Ricardo Sandí

Ricardo Sandí

Architect of images / Self-taught human being

Favorite films

  • A Woman Under the Influence
  • Beau Travail
  • Blow-Up
  • Cries and Whispers

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  • More About the Language of Love

  • Parallel Mothers


  • France


Recent reviews

  • Titane



    Challenging. Perhaps, a story of human connections deep below layers of blood, sex fluids, indifference, violence, moans, a fucking car and titanium. No bullshit, you’ll find two individuals finding ways to love, in the only way they possibly can, amongst gore and shit—resulting  quite charming and effective.

  • The Panic in Needle Park

Popular reviews

  • Joker


    Here’s the thing: when I went to the screen I thought at least I was going to be mesmerizingly surprised for good or bad, but despite the great Hildur Guðnadóttir work and immersive chameleon of Phoenix, the film leaves you unimpressed by that pushing during the whole film to create the product-of-society character —such a narcissistic victim full of himself.

    Even if I try to write about the cultural, political or any other aspect, this film has such a low…

  • And Then We Danced

    And Then We Danced


    Instead of focusing on same-gay-plot films, ATWD is fueled by characters portrayed organically and desperate by those actors in a cultural and socio political context of oppression . End up heart-break but not because the typical cliche plot but the amazing acts delivered but that ensemble.