Nobody ★★★½

After all of the reviews I'm finally getting round to writing, now I can review a film I've been waiting to watch. I went in wanting a simple but enjoyable action film, and I certainly got that - not disappointed!

Firstly, as someone who has been watching Better Call Saul recently, Bob Odenkirk has become a stand-out actor for me, even if purely for the fun and charisma he applies to every role. He certainly does not skip a beat in this movie, carrying a simple plot and still keeping me engaged to a point that I could almost forgive some of the implausable inevitability of a few story beats. Outside of this, although the John Wick-style climactic battle with the bad guys is a tad overdone, it is still great fun, and I think that is the resultant impression I have from this film - ignorant fun!

Overall, solid acting all around and an illustration of the proper way to deal with a home invasion.

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