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  • Ordinary People
  • Children of a Lesser God
  • The Miracle Worker
  • When Harry Met Sally...

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  • Inherit the Wind


  • A Streetcar Named Desire


  • Hud


  • Paris, Texas


Recent reviews

  • All Is Lost

    All Is Lost


    This is one of those man v.s nature films that doesn’t seem to know how to land on it’s feet. Redford being the only character, literally carries the weight of the film, with lots of action that hits and misses the mark of an effective story. The script is more of a rough outline of themes where Redford is just doing what he needs to do to survive rather than having a clear motivation. The thematic elements are pretty okay,…

  • Happy Tears

    Happy Tears


    This film was a very intriguing watch. The script had some endearing themes involving family which drove the majority of the character dynamics. Parker Posey and Demi Moore have great chemistry as sisters and bounce off of each other in a playful and direct manner. The direction had a great sense of spontaneity which helped in certain aspects and hindered others. The eccentric personalities of the characters felt somewhat overdramatized at times with editing sequences that didn’t seem like they…

Popular reviews

  • The Witch

    The Witch


    Robert Eggers directorial debut is nothing short of a masterpiece. The cinematography is stunning, the costume design is beautiful, the score is trippy, and the script is genuinely crafted to fit the period. I have a ton of appreciation for the research that went into this film to make the story as authentic as possible. Who wants to go see The Lighthouse with me?

  • Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire


    I haven’t seen anything this beautiful in quite some time. The cinematography and production design were effortlessly stunning to look at. I never wanted to take my eyes off of the screen because I felt completely sucked into the time period. The costume design blended perfectly with the landscape of the scenes while the sound design made each scene feel so intimate yet so intense. The script was so tender and lovely while the character dynamics were so humbling to watch unfold. Celine Sciamma created such a sensitive and gorgeous story centered around love and the beauty of creating deep relationships.