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  • Man on Fire

    Man on Fire


    Good. A lot like his other movies.

  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside


    I was really impressed with the visual considering he filmed it all himself and the music but that was pretty much all I was impressed with it wasn’t funny, which Ik isn’t what he’s known for but he also said nothing new, he made the same observations everyone else has been making he just made it pretty and in song form. this isn’t the masterful art everyone thinks it is. He really isn’t that deep and it bothers me that…

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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream


    This is a dark one. It’s extremely disturbing and not fun to watch but I can appreciate the story and the way it depicts downward spirals and addiction. It was filmed very uniquely and different for each character which I think added to the depth of the movie.

  • Thirteen



    Whoa, this movie gets slowly more and more intense until it comes to a dramatic ending where the trauma and choices of these two young girls comes to a point and feels like an explosion of emotion. The changing of the tint of the movie draws you in so much by the end I felt like I was living it. This movie feels like a mixture of boyhood and Florida project and I loved it.