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  • Heartbreaker - With Love From Bullets

    Heartbreaker - With Love From Bullets


    amazing appropriation of early 90's black american culture. you got michael and janet cosplays, bg music by rob base, a sidekick who looks like kris kross, loud primary colored suits and all the dance breaks you didn't get in cool as ice.

    anna banana rolls in at the end ruining the shit by sounding like swing out sister but that's what you get inviting a white girl to the party.

  • Shinjuku Junai Monogatari

    Shinjuku Junai Monogatari


    lots of locational shooting in bubble era shinjuku, soundtrack of era pop songs and saxy jams, second half is an unofficial double dragon live action. lived up to expectations.

Popular reviews

  • Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy

    Hot Gimmick: Girl Meets Boy


    If Tetsuya Nakashima and Hideaki Anno ate shoujo mangas and Jane Austen novels for breakfast then vomited the pages out you'd maybe have something like Hot Gimmick.

    It's a disjointed fever dream of strange and rapid dialogue, hyper-edits and visual style that confused the fuck out of me but I loved every second of it.

    She must be trying to relay the nightmare of being a teenage girl. Sadly I think people will just write it off as a romance movie or comic adaptation that 'isn't doing it right' when it's obviously something more.

    Bold for a Netflix original.

  • 12 Suicidal Teens

    12 Suicidal Teens


    epic tone juggling over here.
    deadly ass serious dramatic monologues, then

    "what's wrong with you?"
    "HERPES" -dramatic thunderstrike-

    people all over the room looking perplexed, dude grins, then right back to drama.

    i laughed.

    top tier whodunnit, but it's way over the top, occasional humor that's dry as hell, and with afterschool special messages that don't overwhelm anything. the flaw with the format is that the mystery doesn't really lead anywhere. it's enjoy the ride or nothing.

    and i suppose…