Heat ★★★★★

The ultimate game of cops and robbers 

After watching Miami Vice, it really got me in the mood to rewatch Heat. I’ve always thought Heat was great before, but never quite
this great. I think I can safely say it’s my favorite Mann film and his magnum opus. 

It’s so interesting to go back from Miami Vice to this. Miami Vice is literally all cops on the job and being undercover. They’re never off the clock in that movie, save for maybe one or two quick scenes. Heat is amazing in these moments it gives us with the cops and criminals off the clock. How their jobs affect their home lives and their home lives affect their jobs. There is great character work throughout and great performances from an absolutely stacked cast. 

Oh and I have to mention that shootout in the streets, after the bank robbery. It’s even better than I remembered. Everything feels real, down to the sound of the gunfire. It’s pure chaos, but with Mann’s top notch direction, you’re never lost with all that’s going on. 

An all time great action set piece. 

I was originally going to write way more about Heat, but after how much I rambled on in my Miami Vice review, I figured I’d just keep it short on this one. Plus, everyone already knows Heat is great, right?

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