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  • Trust



    what does it feel like to be in love? i don't know yet, and i probably won't know for a long time. i've always thought love is kind of a silly concept anyways. is love really some special, magical, feeling? or is love simply a combination of mutual respect, admiration, and most of all, trust? even if that doesn't equal love, isn't it better in a way? love makes you do crazy things, stupid things that you probably end regretting.…

  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    The Perks of Being a Wallflower

    we accept the love we think we deserve

    i regret watching this during a global pandemic because holy fuck i miss having friends so much.

    i've never really had friends. i was homeschooled and never really knew how to make friends. acquaintances would pop in and out of my life through the various sports i played and quit but no one i really connected with on any level.

    that all changed late in 2019 when me and a group of…

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  • Requiem for a Dream

    Requiem for a Dream

    [south park mr mackey voice] drugs are bad mkay

    i don't think there was quite enough close ups or strobe lights in this movie. i really wish they didn't cut back and forth between the characters every 5 seconds because i felt like there was not enough time to get invested in the characters before everything went downhill for them. i don't know anything about any of the characters (besides maybe ellen burstyn) other than that they are junkies, so…

  • The Queen's Gambit

    The Queen's Gambit


    possible spoilers ahead but im not gonna tag it so continue at your own risk

    umm, did i watch the same series as everyone else did? i don't get it? why is this considered so much better than any other average netflix series? even if you disagree with my rating, please hear me out because i actually tried on this review and i think i have some valid points

    disclaimer: i played chess competitively in tournaments for many years up…