• Batman Forever

    Batman Forever


    On this day (June 16th) Joel Schumacher's 1995 film BATMAN FOREVER was released in theaters.

    Steering away from Tim Burton's dark tone of 1992's BATMAN RETURNS and would star a new Caped Crusader. Michael Keaton turned down reportedly 15 million to return as Bruce Wayne for a third time.

    Everyone from Keanu Reeves to Tom Hanks were looked at to replace Keaton. Eventually Val Kilmer would win the role.

    Robin Williams originally expressed interest in the role of The Riddler…

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Raiders of the Lost Ark

    Today RAIDERS is 40 years old. June 12th, 1981.

    Let's put ourselves back in that moment...

    From the creators of STAR WARS and JAWS comes...


    It must have been so insanely exciting to anticipate Lucas and Spielberg teaming up to give us the ultimate action hero.

    The film holds up 40 years later. A near perfect masterpiece.

    Happy birthday, Dr. Jones!!!!!!!

  • Army of the Dead

    Army of the Dead


    Holy shit.

    A goddamn zombie tiger.

    Kenny Rogers.

    Dave Bautista.

    Zombie elvis impersonator.

    Really looks like Netflix gave Synder a shit ton of money and said "go crazy".

    What a fucking great trailer...Seriously can't wait to see this!!


    Seen it and fucking loved it!

  • Extreme Prejudice

    Extreme Prejudice






    Gritty, intense, hard hitting action flicks are always a damn good time to watch but when those legendary men mentioned above are involved... it's a must fucking watch.

    Walter Hill gives this film a terrific look and feel, just like he's done on many other classics, such as: 48 hrs, The Warriors, Driver, Streets of Fire and Southern Comfort.

    Hill has said EXTREME PREJUDICE is in sorts a homage to THE WILD…

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.







    One of the most underrated 8Os crime film classics! And it doesn't make any sense why it's so underappreciated.

    It's also directed by one of the most legendary bad asses of all time, William fuckin' Friedkin!

    The film follows Secret Service Agent Richard Chance (Petersen), who is obsessed with capturing Eric Masters (Dafoe) the criminal responsible for his partners death. Chance risks everything including his career and his life to arrest Masters.

    This movie…

  • Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Zack Snyder's Justice League


    I'll keep this review short.. unlike this movie.

    Fuck you, Warner Bros.

    This Snyder cut brings so much depth to this universe. This version of the film makes you appreciate Cyborg, Flash, Amazons, Steppenwolf and of course the whole DCEU in such an incredible way.

    Snyder's trilogy is now complete. His vision is complete. The Birth(MOS) Death(BvS) and the Ressuction (JL) of Superman is complete. Snyder can move on, the fans can move on and so can DC/WB.

    ... but should we move on?? Why?

    The fans want more...

    Will this actually backfire on HBOMax if they don't continue the story?

  • Mank



    I haven't written a negative review yet on Letterboxd and it really fucking hurts to write my first one about maybe my most anticipated film of the year... directed by one my favorite filmmakers and starring one my favorite actors.

    So, I'll keep this short. Didn't like it at all and it might just be the worst film of all Fincher's films.

    I will be watching it again soon. Hopefully on second viewing I will enjoy it more.

  • GoodFellas



    All movie fans most celebrate this one...

    September 19th will be the 30th anniversary of GOODFELLAS.

    Easily one of the greatest, most influential, rewatchable, game changing and iconic films in cinema history.

    Not only is this film just unbelievable... just think of everything it's influenced into existence! You can see hints of Goodfellas in everything from The Sopranos, Boogie Nights, The Wolf of Wall Street, Breaking Bad, Uncut Gems, Pulp Fiction, Boardwalk Empire, Casino, Blow, I, Tonya, Mad Men and…

  • The Batman

    The Batman


    This movie had my curiosity, but now it has my attention.

  • The Devil's Rejects

    The Devil's Rejects



    This past July 19th marked the 15th year anniversary for THE DEVIL'S REJECTS.

    Easily one of the most fucked up, sleazy, insane, demented films released in the the early 2000s and also easily the best film directed by Rob Zombie.

    Being a lover of all things grindhouse, exploitation, and genre films, I could appreciate where this movie had it's roots and I knew Rob Zombie recognize he was…

  • Django Unchained

    Django Unchained


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This western ends with the hero riding off into the sunset (moonlight, actually) saving his girl, killing the bad guys and righting all the wrongs... yet here is the twist.. the hero is BLACK! and not just black but a slave and the bad guys? Well those sons of bitches are slave owners and Django kills every single one of them and blows that plantation to hell!

    This isn't your traditional western and this doesn't have your traditional western hero.…

  • Repo Man

    Repo Man



    1984 gave us a lot of classic films but it also gave us one of the quintessential cult classic films of all time. Alex Cox's punk classic REPO MAN.

    This was Cox's first feature film and he delivered the perfect rundown of 80s consumerism, surburbanism, nuclear agnst and Reaganomics, it also introduced middle america to SoCal punk movement with the music of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Suicidal Tendencies,…