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  • Harold and Maude

    Harold and Maude


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    The most moved I was when rewatching Harold and Maude recently is not during any particularly depressing scene in the movie, but during a scene that perfectly captures the film’s transience, melancholy, and beauty. It’s perhaps one of the most emotional moments I’ve had watching any film.

    After recounting emotional memories from her storied and mysterious past, Maude, ever the spontaneous gal, changes tune and asks, “shall we have a song?” Ruth Gordon is especially poignant in…

  • Malcolm X

    Malcolm X


    I love a well-done, engaging biopic, and this is one of my favourites so far. The direction is so energetic and unique, and evoked such perfect emotions for each scene. The sequence where Malcolm is confronted by the townspeople is an especially great example of this. The stylistic flourishes, like the perfect recreation of this photo as the first shot of a scene were amazing to watch, and old footage was incorporated perfectly.

    Even the referential scenes (the Vertigo-esque lighting…

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  • The NeverEnding Story

    The NeverEnding Story


    Pure childhood nostalgia, even though this was my first time seeing it. It just captures the wondrous feeling of reading a really cool book as a kid. Your imagination is so much more involved and active, everything feels REAL y'know? I also loved the special effects in this movie, it gave a "Labyrinth" feel. The dragon was my favorite, of course.

  • Bamboozled



    Easily the funniest Spike movie. The satire is sardonic and deadpan, which probably my favorite sense of humor. Wayans and Jada Pinkett are so charming in this one, and the talent on display is fantastic (both on and off the stage!). The Criterion extras helped me fully appreciate this one. There's a lot of self-reflection and nuance in the satire, which is easy to miss throughout all of the bombast of the film's presentation. There are also a lot of deep lore references to black-face era cinema, which is a neat thing to learn about.

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  • The Mitchells vs. The Machines

    The Mitchells vs. The Machines


    This movie made me so happy oh my goodness...the main character was so well-written and cool and there's obviously a lot of love put into the family's dynamics. This was genuinely funny at times, and I love the little quirks the animators added in! Can't wait to rewatch this, there are a lot of details I'm sure I missed.

  • The Music Room

    The Music Room


    "The lamps have gone out. Every one of them."

    Ornate and haunting. This movie has an intense amount of symbolism, depth, and a lot of references that only someone informed about Indian music and class relations could fully comprehend, but of the things I -could- understand in this film, I really adored. The lead performance is my favorite of any Ray film I've seen so far, and I genuinely enjoyed the music. The performances were great and contributed to the theme of obsession with beauty through their wonderful execution. Gorgeous film!