Favorite films

  • Elegy
  • Salomé
  • Lucifer Rising
  • Hermitage

Recent activity

  • Bullitt


  • The Phynx


  • Tarantella


  • Flags and Waves


Recent reviews

  • Candido erotico

    Candido erotico


    Your average boy-meets-girl-but-it's-complicated-story, if it wasn't for the gender twist. And the dance scenes. Oh boy.

  • The Star Chamber

    The Star Chamber


    Michael Douglas in his element as the proverbial frog in a pot of boiling water. Interesting, intense, yet lacking the depth to excuse its overly reliance on cartoonish characters. 10/10 for Yaphet Kotto .

Popular reviews

  • Alucarda



    Ken Russell directs Heavenly Creatures with set design by Peter Greenaway and nuns provided by Coil. An 8/10.

  • Windows



    "I had been appalled and fascinated by the statistics coming out of South Africa - political prisoners pushed out of windows, with fatuous excuses like they slipped on a bar of soap, they thought it was the door, etc. I built that into a fiction, trying to find all the possible reasons why anybody might fall out of a window, and compressed it into 3 1/2 minutes and set these appalling facts up against a very idyllic landscape in order…