RBG ★★★★

i was heartbroken when i heard about ruth bader ginsburg’s passing yesterday, and even more so now after having watched this documentary. 
a wonderful portrait of the feminist icon and truly groundbreaking justice that she was, this documentary gives us a glimpse into her ambitious character, revolutionary work and influential legacy that she leaves behind. ruth bader ginsburg quite literally changed the course of history, and it is to her and her unwavering spirit that we owe so many of today’s almost taken-for-granted rights. the determination and strength she needed to make her voice heard as a woman in the 1950s, and above all how she eventually used her voice, are unbelievably inspiring to me, and, as corny as it may sound, remind me not to take everything for granted. 
i cried so much throughout this documentary, and my heart goes out to her family and friends. the loss of this feminist pioneer is immeasurable. rest in peace judge ginsburg.

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