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  • Soul Mate

    Soul Mate


    chapter one, 
    you get to find a friend whose life is almost the opposite the one you are made to live with. you love them, they love you, and you are pitied enough to have more food in your plate. 

    chapter two,
    you’re growing into a friendship so much that it shivers you to find out they have a lover now, just when you were convinced they are the only one that loves you entirely, and regardless, you still love…

  • Ritual



    beyond the 33rd day — unknown 

    it’s just brutal what we are made to live with. it’s just brutal that once we are introduced to madness, it’s stuck with us forever. recovery is possible, change is more than possible, but the traces of mental illness will be always inside us, no matter how happy we become and no matter how blessed we are. it’s cruel, it has no mercy, meddles with our mind and soul, alters our perspective of any…