The Empire Strikes Back

The Empire Strikes Back ★★★★★

Obviously I wasn't as engaged as I was on previous watches, but my mom, who's watching the OT trilogy for the first time, really enjoyed it and all it's twists, she also went on a small rant about how Han Solo was rude for saying "I know." The world doesn't feel as fleshed out as in the Prequels, some of the shots and scenes would have been made a little better had this film been made with future tech, Boba Fett is really cool but unfortunately underused, I feel like the themes didn't resonate as strongly, especially the scenes on Hoth, and it has a general stage-play feeling, especially the scenes on Dagobah, this strangely highlights the whole "tragedy" aspect of the saga, shown mostly by this and the prequels, Star Wars has always been shot like a play. I just wish the film was way longer.

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