"?tahW" - the Protaganist.

Genuinely have no idea what to rate this. On one hand it's so inventive in it's storytelling, and the ways it plays with time, which will certainly revolutionize the way it is used in films. But I mean like ... the second half of the movie is quite simply the first half of the film in reverse - that is if they were in order - which they are not. Every shot - not every scene - every SHOT - and the shots are long, are told out of chronological order. The third half of the film, which is also not told in chronilogical order is part epic war thriller and part 2001 stargate sequence. The end of the movie is especially confusing, the twist in the psychedelic scene that JDW is actually an alternate universe version of Cobb came out of nowhere, and character arcs and plots are quite literally non-existent. The female character only whines about her daughter all the time - who turns out to be from both the past and the future at the same time in a weird exposition dump - there were about 3 of those every 30 minutes. The villain being both her son and everybody in the entire universe was an interesting plot development, but doesn't make up for the insane blandness of the character for the rest of the film. Robert Pattinson turns into Batman for some reason. The end of the film, where they interact with the events of Intersteller, Dunkirk, Memento, Inception, TDK trilogy, The Prestige, Insomnia, and even Following, in an attempt to save the universe was another strange confusing experience. The film has so many codes, twists and turns that it is practically a complex puzzle that begs to be watched for at least 30 minutes. It was especially weird when Christopher Nolan showed up and shot all of the main characters in the head and default danced while Travis Scott played in the background, then it turned out that the entire movie was being watched by some people in Fortnite and you can hear somebody clapping and yelling "BRAVO NOLAN" while crying tears of overwhelment. Then the screen goes black and Nolan's voice announces that if you watch Tenet at least 10 times you will become immune to Covid-19.

In review, this is a great video game that was for some reason made into a movie.

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